Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt activity was added on July 15th, 2022 with part 2 of the Summer Fair Event update. Bruh Beard's ship has crashed & he's lost his special treasure key. You must locate all of the pieces for a special reward!

There are a total of 6 key fragments scattered around each world. Start the quest & follow the clues to locate each fragment. There is at least 1 fragment in each world, so you will need to travel around.

Treasure Hunt Rewards

When you complete the treasure hunt return back to Bruh Beard & he will reward you with a Super Lucky boosy, and Omega Lucky boost and the limited time Bruh Beard pet.

The treasure hunt event & Bruh Beard pet are only around for a limited time. You will have to trade other players to get it after the event is over.

Treasure Hunt

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