Summer Fair Event

The Summer Fair Event is the second event ever to come to Mining Simulator 2. The event began with part 1 on July 10th, 2022, and part 2 dropped on July 15th, 2022.

Anyone can participate in the Summer Fair Event as it doesn't cost anything or have any requirements to access. In addition, the event is accessible through the rocket for a limited time.

This event introduced a new currency called tickets that can be used to hatch new limited-time eggs & purchase things from the event shop.


Part 1 of the event introduced a new fishing mechanic where you can earn tickets by catching fish. Just like pets, some fish are rarer than others. The rarer the fish, the more tickets you get.

Every player gets a free fishing pole once they enter the event. There are three different water sources to fish from (Ocean, River & Mountains). If you can collect every fish from every area, you will unlock an index reward.

New Eggs

Four new eggs were added with this event.

Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt was also added with part 2 of the Summer Fair. If you locate all of the hidden key pieces around the event map, you receive a prize of some lucky boosts & the limited-time Bruh Beard pet.

Summer Fair Event

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