Mystery Egg

The Mystery Egg was a limited time egg in MS2 that arrived on June 17th, 2022 & disappeared on July 1st 2022. The egg is no longer available so any unique pets inside of it must now be traded from other players to acquire them.

The egg was located next to the rocketship on The Overworld and it cost 5 gems for each hatch or 15 gems for a triple hatch.

This egg was unique because the first pet in the egg was "Mystery?" and had a 96% chance of hatching basically any random pet in the game.

There were 2 secrets pets available in this egg (Queen Kitty & Frost Defender)

The pets available in the Mystery Egg are:

Pet Name Hatch Chance
Mystery Pet 96%
Inferno Mimic 2%
The Overseer 1/80k
Queen Kitty 1/2.86m
Frost Defender 1/10m

Mystery Egg

mystery egg mining simulator 2 wiki

Cost: 5 Gems

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