Frozen Depths

Frozen Depths is the 3rd layer of The Overworld mine in Mining Simulator 2. This layer of the mine begins when you reach a depth of 397. The layer continues until depth 756.

In the Frozen Depths lobby is where you can access the first shop in the game. Head over to the igloo in order to check out the stock & upgrade your tools & backpack.

There is no free chest to claim in this layer but there are two eggs that you can hatch while there (Arctic Egg & Ice Egg).

Frozen Depths Shop Stock

Item Name Price Mining Power
Diamond Pickaxe 39k 30
Hand Drill 200k 42
Super Drill 650k 65
Jackhammer 1.5m 90
C4 360k 140
Nuke 750k 360

Ores found in this layer of the mine:

Frozen Depths

frozen depths mining simulator 2 wiki

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