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What is Mining Simulator 2?

Mining Simulator 2 or MS2 is the latest click-and-grind simulator to take Roblox by storm. The game is actually a follow-up of the original Mining Simulator which was released a few years ago.

Developed by Rumble Studios Mining Simulator 2 was first released to the public on May 5th, 2022 & started to show immediate popularity. As of this time MS2 has amassed over 40 million+ visits & has reached a peak of around 75,000 concurrent players.


Mining Simulator 2 offers similar core gameplay to most other click-and-grind simulator games. If you've played PSX this mining sim is probably something you would enjoy. Dig deep into mines, find rare ores & collect the best pets in order to build your empire.

When you first get into the game you will be given simple mining tools which you need to use in order to dig deeper into the mine & explore better ores to upgrade your gear.

There aren't any NPCs to kill in this simulator. Instead, the goal is to get to the bottom of the mine & build up your gear so you can roll eggs to acquire the best pets.

Pets are import in MS2 as they increase your mining speed, the amount of money you earn per ore & how strong your mining tools are.

Trading Discord

Trading in MS2 is a huge part of the community & what makes the economy of click-and-grind simulators flourish. Players rely on accurate pet values & trading data in order to make the best decisions in order to grow their collection.

Make sure you check out our pet value list which has been crafted with the help of the MS2 community itself!