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What is Bot Clash?

Bot Clash is a battle simulator game where you and your loyal Bots travel across the planets to fight for humanity's last hope! As with most games in the click & grind "simulator" genre Bot Clash offers hours of grinding to strengthen your bot army. If you're familiar with Pet Simulator X, then you will definitely love this game.

Developed by Century Explorers Bot Clash was first released to the public on April 7th, 2022 & started to show immediate adoption. As of this time the new bot simulator has amassed over 20 million+ visits & has reached a peak of around 40,000 concurrent players.


Bot Clash offers similar core gameplay to the classic click-and-grind simulator genre with additional features such as a multi-layer bot leveling system & bot recycling.

Hop into the planet & begin your grinding journey by defeating various enemies around the map in order to gain coins & roll rng boxes in hopes that you can land a legendary or mythical bot.

Fight your way through various themed planets where the enemy bots become increasingly stronger, and you watch your bot team power rise through the ranks.

Earn free daily rewards such as boosts, coins & gems to help you along on your grinding journey. Top-ranking players on the leadersboards receive daily gem rewards for being top of their class!

Trading & Values

Trading in Bot Clash is a huge part of the community & what makes the economy of click-and-grind simulators flourish. Players rely on bot values & trading data in order to make the best decisions in order to grow their team.

Make sure you check out our Bot Value List which has been crafted with the help of the Bot Clash community itself!